Bella (Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, 2006, USA)

#100 in my top 100 spiritually literate films is Bella. This is a film that treads lightly but sensitively around abortion, adoption, and the sanctity of life. It’s a tragic but ultimately triumphant film about overcoming evil with good by confronting your own demons and learning to care for those that can’t care for themselves.

Bella is bolstered by strong performances and convincing dialogue. It’s a film that does more listening that it does preaching and so in it there can be found something to challenge everyone, no matter their viewpoint is.

Nina asks Jose, “Do you think this is all there is?”This question is what drives the characters of this film. It drives them to overcome the pain of the past and drives them to find hope for the future. And it is only when we can find hope for the future that we can really pass that hope on to others.

Ryan Jantz

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