The Top 100 Spiritually Literate Films

Over the next number of months I will be counting down what I consider to be the top 100 spiritually literate films of all time. These are the films that have impacted me the most on a profound spiritual level. They have pushed my faith to new levels and driven my relationship with God into deeper territory. Some of these films inspire me to be thankful, some give me a new perspective, some highlight the depravity of the human condition, some give a glimpse into the hope of eternity, some reflect the character of God, some highlight the beauty of creation, some wrestle with a crippling moral dilemma, some display the beauty of forgiveness or love, and all of them powerful to meditate on as they relate to Christ.

If we are friends on Facebook, you may remember that I posted many of these last year. My list has been updated and has changed a little and I also never finished the list on Facebook. So you’ll want to follow my blog to get notified when the latest post! You’ll be sure to learn about some films you have never seen and I hope this will lead you to some great films and spiritual experiences.

As the list goes on I will take the occasional breaks to insert a brief review of spiritually literate films as I watch them. Browse the archives as the list grows and follow along as I walk through the top 100 spiritually literate films of all time.


Ryan Jantz

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